How’s your weather?

Hi again,

Well, this year, the British weather has returned back to normal. Rain, a few spots of sunshine, then more rain. I blame the water boards myself. LOL. They kept saying we were in a drought. So to prove that it wasn’t his fault, but theirs for not doing their repairs, God sent rain. And just to make his point he keeps sending even more rain.

I’m not complaining though. All this rain must be doing the crops a world of good.  And the sunshine we do get is appreciated even more. I got a lovely ray of sunshine last week. It was an unexpected invite to the wedding of a friend’s son. It was really nice to get it, because I wasn’t expecting it.

Life suprises us like that many times. Sometimes though, like the weather boards, we are too stuck in our complaints to appreciate these rays of sunshine. I’m doing my best to catch and enjoy them as they arrive. I hope you do too. Look out for them this week and have a really blessed week, whatever the weather.

Talking about nature, I’ve added a little slideshow that I got sent. I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did.

P.S I’m hoping to get my next CD out some time in August. For a preview listen to the demo songs on my website , as some of them will be on it.

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