It’s valentine this week. If you are a bit like me, you are already going, bah humbug. (Sorry I’m not inclined to be romantic. LOL). But if you are like some of my friends, you are loking forward to all the expressions of love. Well no matter which group you belong to, I hope your day goes well. In the spirit of valentine I’ve posted a few of my poems on love here. Have a good week. Xxx
True Love
Love. Hmmmm. What is love?
You feel good
Feel understood.
Holding hands
Making plans.
          Balmy days
          Heady ways
Comes the crunch
What’s for lunch.
It’s no good
          Feel alone
          Broken home
Taking the rough
When times are tough.
Confusions share
You still care.
          Feelings change
          True love remains
Love Is
Not just a feeling, though feelings are there
Not just emotion, not just to care
It’s doing the things that you know are right
It’s not holding grudges whenever you fight
It is always trying to make the other strong
It is being a person they can rely on
It’s not putting me first, though that’s so hard to do
It’s wanting the other to be a winner too.
And when this is done in the end you will find
That love is an action that really is blind
Not to others faults, but helping them find
Their place of true meaning, their place in mankind
A place where they can be, the best they can be
A person that’s worthy a person that’s free
Not losing yourself though, for that’s always wrong
But having a place where you both get along
 Love Today?
Watched a movie today
And it seemed to say,
That when you’re in love
There’s nothing more to prove.
Had to wonder then why
Does such a love die.
Could it be, it’s all wrong
That it’s more than just a good song
Patient, not jealous, and kind
Such love is really blind
Not interested in just you
But the other’s needs too
Such a love never wanes
But remains with you always
 About Love
He said he loved me
But wouldn’t help me wash my hair.
So I just lay there
And wallowed in despair.
Is love a feeling
Or is love the things you do
Tell me, tell me someone
Coz I have to know what’s true
She said she loved me
Yet she met another man
Could she have said no
Or was it all out of her hands.
Is love just the feeling
Or is love the way you act
Tell me, tell me someone
Coz I’ve already made my pact
He said he loved me
So he left the Father’s throne
Lived and died for me
Just to prove I was his own.
Love’s not just a feeling
Love is everything you do
Not just in good times
But in bad times too.

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