Love Letter

As Easter comes closer I’ve been reflecting on God’s love for me. I think Easter is a good time to think about it, because that’s what it is all about. God’s love for me, shown in the gift  of life I have because  of what  Jesus did on the Cross. That’s why I like the words of this song’s chorus. He is my love letter written in my heart. A perfect love letter scribed(written) in his blood with a crown of thorns. A love that never let’s me down. That’s so exciting. Happy Easter thoughts to you with love. XX

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It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day and I hope you are feeling good.

It’s been a while since I did a blog post but I decided, (No, it’s not a New Year resolution, laugh)perhaps it was time to get going again. I’ve been learning so much about how much I am loved by God, the one who matters most, and that’s why despite any circumstance, I am feeling good and I hope you are too.Still Here. LOL

Take care. Catch up with you soon.

God bless



Little acts of kindness

This week someone held open the tube doors for me, so I could catch the tube. To be honest I would have rather he didn’t, as I think it’s a dangerous thing to do. But I appreciated the act as one of kindness. I guess he thought I would be late for work.  He didn’t speak to me but before he left the tube, he gave me the address of a church, his I guess.
That got me thinking. If I wasn’t a christian, I might not have gone but I would certainly have thought about it. His random act of kindness was just as great a witness to me as if he had spoken about the gospel. So this week, even if you don’t speak to anyone about your faith, remember your random acts of little kindness might be just as big a witness, so keep them going. Take care and have a great week.
Annie xxx

Life, Love and other stuff

Well Christmas and New year are over. Hope you all had a good time over the holidays. As usual the shops are looking for their next opportunity to sell us stuff (LOL) and have started putting their valentine stuff out. That gave me the idea to share my short e-book of poems with you, as a lot of the poems have a valentine theme. Its not for sale though, it’s free :>). It’s called Life, Love and other Stuff. Use this link to read or download it.

Just for a laugh…….

Have fun.

I’ll be back soon.xx

Keep your head up

Bad things do happen sometimes to good people. That’s life. Jesus told us this would happen but he also promised to be with us no matter what. So today – Keep your head up. All things do work together for good. It just takes time sometimes to see the good. You look back and see how it was working out, While you are in the moment though, it doesn’t feel that way. Be encouraged today. It will pan out. Have a light moment with this:

LOL. Stay blessed.
XXX Annie



He’s Always There
Exciting news. My new album is out on digital release via It should also appear on itunes in a couple of weeks. You can listen to audio clips on CD baby by clicking on the  icon above . You can also buy single tracks or the whole album. There will be a free download on my website of the most liked track, so send in the name of your favourite. Enjoy listening. Have a great week
Annie XXX

How’s your weather?

Hi again,

Well, this year, the British weather has returned back to normal. Rain, a few spots of sunshine, then more rain. I blame the water boards myself. LOL. They kept saying we were in a drought. So to prove that it wasn’t his fault, but theirs for not doing their repairs, God sent rain. And just to make his point he keeps sending even more rain.

I’m not complaining though. All this rain must be doing the crops a world of good.  And the sunshine we do get is appreciated even more. I got a lovely ray of sunshine last week. It was an unexpected invite to the wedding of a friend’s son. It was really nice to get it, because I wasn’t expecting it.

Life suprises us like that many times. Sometimes though, like the weather boards, we are too stuck in our complaints to appreciate these rays of sunshine. I’m doing my best to catch and enjoy them as they arrive. I hope you do too. Look out for them this week and have a really blessed week, whatever the weather.

Talking about nature, I’ve added a little slideshow that I got sent. I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did.

P.S I’m hoping to get my next CD out some time in August. For a preview listen to the demo songs on my website , as some of them will be on it.

Still Here. LOL

Hi again,

Time goes by so quickly, doesn’t it. I’ve just realised how long it’s been since I posted on my blog. I guess I just got caught up in life, well death really, which I guess is all part of life. It’s the only thing we can be sure will happen to all of us. I lost my favourite aunt and godmother after a very short illness. She was a quiet person who did not let her left hand know all the good things her right hand was doing. It’s funny, I always thought she would be around for a lot longer. I wish I had spent more time with her. But as always we always think we have enough time. Then life creeps up on us and we realise time has run out!!! But she trusted the one who went to prepare a place for her. She had however, a great sense of humour and she didn’t want us to be all sad. So I’ll end with these pictures to brighten your day. Have a great week. I’ll be posting again soon. XXx

WOW(Wonderful World Video)

I love humour.

Each of us has sad times in our lives. I was having one of these moments, when something an atheist/agnostic comedian said on a television programme struck me. They were joking about genetics and DNA. He mentioned that if the individual molecules of our DNA was placed in a line, it would stretch out to a distance of over a light year. That is a distance that is so far, it is actually outside our solar system. That really made me go WOW. We look at ourselves and our bodies which are so easily destroyed and we often wonder if we are significant. Yet look at how intricately God has made us!! So much attention to detail. In this spirit of WOW at these marvels, I did a cover of  “What a wonderful world“. I hope it lifts your spirits as much as it did mine. Have a WOW week.


It’s valentine this week. If you are a bit like me, you are already going, bah humbug. (Sorry I’m not inclined to be romantic. LOL). But if you are like some of my friends, you are loking forward to all the expressions of love. Well no matter which group you belong to, I hope your day goes well. In the spirit of valentine I’ve posted a few of my poems on love here. Have a good week. Xxx
True Love
Love. Hmmmm. What is love?
You feel good
Feel understood.
Holding hands
Making plans.
          Balmy days
          Heady ways
Comes the crunch
What’s for lunch.
It’s no good
          Feel alone
          Broken home
Taking the rough
When times are tough.
Confusions share
You still care.
          Feelings change
          True love remains
Love Is
Not just a feeling, though feelings are there
Not just emotion, not just to care
It’s doing the things that you know are right
It’s not holding grudges whenever you fight
It is always trying to make the other strong
It is being a person they can rely on
It’s not putting me first, though that’s so hard to do
It’s wanting the other to be a winner too.
And when this is done in the end you will find
That love is an action that really is blind
Not to others faults, but helping them find
Their place of true meaning, their place in mankind
A place where they can be, the best they can be
A person that’s worthy a person that’s free
Not losing yourself though, for that’s always wrong
But having a place where you both get along
 Love Today?
Watched a movie today
And it seemed to say,
That when you’re in love
There’s nothing more to prove.
Had to wonder then why
Does such a love die.
Could it be, it’s all wrong
That it’s more than just a good song
Patient, not jealous, and kind
Such love is really blind
Not interested in just you
But the other’s needs too
Such a love never wanes
But remains with you always
 About Love
He said he loved me
But wouldn’t help me wash my hair.
So I just lay there
And wallowed in despair.
Is love a feeling
Or is love the things you do
Tell me, tell me someone
Coz I have to know what’s true
She said she loved me
Yet she met another man
Could she have said no
Or was it all out of her hands.
Is love just the feeling
Or is love the way you act
Tell me, tell me someone
Coz I’ve already made my pact
He said he loved me
So he left the Father’s throne
Lived and died for me
Just to prove I was his own.
Love’s not just a feeling
Love is everything you do
Not just in good times
But in bad times too.